La Casa Shambala Newsletter #1

La Casa Shambala Newsletter #1

Welcome to first ever La Casa Shambala newsletter! ​🤗

Newsletter number one, or numero uno! Many more to come we hope😍

so we wanted to tell you about many things happening here:


We recently sent 8 certified and able graduates to all corners of the world to make the earth a better place. Literally. And to return the favour, universe sent us a compost toilet and shower which are almost ready! and a beautiful mandala garden!



We recently started our very first Spanish-Speaking Yoga Teacher Training Course! Something quite original we believe, yet very needed.

I mean learning to be a yoga teacher is hard enough! You don’t have to make that difficulty double by having to learn it in a foreign language! Talk about a hard life! So in order to help these guys we opened this course – so they can concentrate on their yoga postures, and not on English grammar:)

We have students in the course from Spain and Chile, but also from Belgium and Germany,

and the house is filled right now with Latin sounds and chatter, flamenco and fiestas. A real Latin familia from all over the world.

And at the first day of meeting our yoga students we welcomed them with a joint meal attended by both the volunteers and the yoga people. According to tradition here in La Casa Shambala, after dinner everybody played together a few rounds of MAFIA GAME, which is always a fun way of breaking the ice in a fun and humorous way. As we say here : travel to exotic places, meet interesting people, and kill them!:) Just joking guys.


One of the nicest things about having an constant influx of volunteers from all over the world coming here, apart from getting to know these people, is the chance to enjoy their talents tanith the talented volunteer drew this portrait of Mooji. Thanks Tanith! And good luck with everything. You certainly left your mark here!



And Bryan and Sandra created this bamboo bridge! Coool! Thanks guys and enjoy your travel!

And we want to use this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who passed by here recently and contributed to our project, with their energy and talents.



We also got a new mandala garden! The plants in mandala gardens are small and easily accessible. And the shape is also a thing of beauty. Very goood for relaxation and quiet meditation.


For your info, and to save you a google search – a composting toilet is NOT an outhouse! It does not smell. It does not create pollution. Building a compost toilet is a good way to take refuse and turn it into a resource! No shit! Seriously!

And let me quote kirsty, one of the proud volunteers who worked on the project: “and there is the compost throne, kindly modelled by one of the many beautiful women I’ve met at La Casa Shambala. It’s such a wonderful feeling leaving here knowing I’ve contributed to making this outdoor shower ( pics) and this compost toilet. The Toilet’s not in action yet but it won’t be long before someone has the pleasure of taking a shit in the great outdoors, on an octopus:)


And what exactly is a compost shower you may ask?

“It is the perfect heat source for an outdoor shower that effectively makes use of natural resources that further provide sustenance for living plants by feeding and watering them while keeping the humans that tend them squeaky clean.” nice work mother nature!


And so you don’t get the idea we only volunteer here – we also enjoy ourselves:)


We are beatriz and pedro, a Brazilian couple, 26 and 30 years old who got married and decided to travel around the world! We have been on the road for 10 months going through South America, Central America, Europe, Africa and now Asia! We tell our story on our website, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channel all named Embarque Nessa Loucura that can be translated to Get Aboard on this Madness! 
We got married pretty soon, less then one year dating. We decided to take the trip and realized why not do it being married! So Pedro got on his knees and popped the question! 4 months later we were married with our backpacks ready for the adventure of knowing the world, each other and ourselves!
We really liked staying at La Casa Shambala, the students doing the Yoga course were wonderful and so welcoming! The residents there also were really nice and being able to know the volunteers doing workaway that we had so much in common was wonderful!
We really loved the experience of meeting so many people with good in them that made the atmosphere so light and warming!
I would like to suggest that the meals should be together for all: residents, students and volunteers!
It was a lovely experience and would recommend it to everyone!!!!!! WE HAD A BLAST !​

Greetings from the family of La Casa Shambala

Rakel Lopez (Mama), Héctor Adriazolar (Papa), Adam better known as Baloo, Pedro and Beatrice the Brazilian volunteering couple, Paula the legendary singing volunteer from Ibiza, Irena, Cherrie as well as Constance and Hadar the volunteers, several Spanish yoga students, Funky the cat (the real boss here) and the many animals, birds and trees who call La Casa their home      👨‍👨‍  👦‍👦 ❤️   🏟️


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