Join us for a life-changing course on Shamanic Permaculture Design

Join immense soul Mark Wombat as he introduces the next Shamanic Permaculture Design Course (SPDC) at La Casa Shambala in Koh Phangan (Thailand)

This is a rare opportunity to start to become self-sustainable in a connected way with our Mother Earth.

Jan 14 – Jan 28, 2018

Click on our event link to see all what all the details of these magical days

“My time in the field with wombat completely reshaped who I am as an environmentalist, while I walked along side him as a co-worker I learned more from him in a few months than I have in most of my life’s other endeavors. If you are looking to open yourself up to the energy of Gaia and truly come to overstand the definition of serving Tera you NEED to get up in the woods with this guy and let the wind in the trees do the talking.”
– Matt “Nomad” Gutierrez


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