The Idea

At La Casa Shambala we offer various classes, seminars and retreats focusing on physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Started in 2017, our mission is to provide healing services and education to all walks of life, including discounted courses for the local Thai people as well as those with financial difficulties.

We believe that everyone should have access to alternative methods of strengthening one’s body, mind and soul.  Together we can make it happen!

What is donation based?

Our mission is to spread knowledge and share cultures and ideas with anyone that wants to learn. For this reason, our classes and workshops are all donation based.  Please note this does not mean free or cheap!  All workshops will have a suggested value.  Some people will pay more and some will pay less.  It is all a matter of how much YOU value the information and experience based on what you have.

We want everyone to have access to different educations and experiences.  Do not feel embarrassed to pay less than the suggested value and know that if you pay more, you are helping keep these projects alive for those that are not so privileged as well as the local community.

Together we can make it happen!


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