Enjoy our unique space and retire from the outside world. Heal yourself through different treatments and practices, share your experience with people holding the same interest as you and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to get connected to your inner being. Learn to reflect these improvements in all aspects of your personal life

As our groups are small and you will be with the same people throughout, we create the perfect environment for deep reflection and healing. You will be close to others as well as your teachers, who will support your throughout your experience and be there for you for anything and everything. For our exclusive retreats, we will have top professionals and teachers open to answer any of your questions and share each experience with you. For the year 2018 we have an several retreats that are not to be missed.


Transform your body with a healthy boost. Rid your system of all the toxins accumulated from daily life. Our detox retreats will give you a kick-start to healthy living as well as the tools you need to have effective and long-lasting effects. Detox cleansing is proven to improve energy levels and assist with digestive and immune issues. This is the first step to improving your health and restoring the balance of your body and mind.

Silent Retreat

Life is full of noise, both in the physical world as well as our mental worlds. A little peace and quiet always seems nice, but for most of us going even a few hours of silence is an intimidating task. Silent retreats are not just for monks. Everyone can benefit from this amazing experience. Take time out meditate and truly reflect on your life and any issues you may be experiencing. Surround yourself with nature and escape the noise. It will be an amazing experience and will change you in ways unexpected.

Empower Your Femininity

As women, we are surrounded by a male dominated world. It is easy to forget that we are powerful individuals capable of everything. It is always beneficial to take some time and remind yourself of the goddess you are. Discover your inner and outer beauty, and discover your true life purpose. Liberate yourself of your conditioned beliefs who you are as a woman. Open your heart and access your elemental wisdom, heal your spirit, and learn practical skills to be sustainably happy and healthy.

Surrounded by a supportive community, in a tropical environment surrounded by nature, and with the positive energy of other like-minded women sharing your journey, you will discover the courage inside you to listen to your inner self and to appreciate your femininity. You will be reconnected with your true beauty and the power we all share.

You will depart from this experience lighter, happier, and with a deeper understanding of who you are and your place in the world.

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